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Birding in Bali with Made Surya

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Birding at pulau Serangan Bali
Birding West Bali National Park and anywhere in Bali and Eastern Java

Hi birders,
Warm greeting from Bali!

I'm Made Surya, professional  bird guide in Bali and Eastern Java. I was born in Bali Barat where the National Park existed. Study Economic science as the accountant on Undiknas University of Denpasar until 1998. I was an accountant and hotel supplier ( for kitchen and laundry equipment ). In 2005 back to West Bali and have a chance to be trained by Bali Barat National Park as a professional birdwatching guide. Birdwatching, birding photography and wildlife is my passion.

Is proud to offer the opportunity to explore the endemic birds of Bali and Java by establishing a birding tour since 2012 under the name Birding Tours in Bali.

Birding Tours in Bali offering custom, private guided birdwatching, tailor-made travel and birding photography trip to anywhere in Bali  (West Bali NP, Denpasar arround, Bedugul, Pulau Serangan, Ubud, etc) and Eastern Java (Baluran National Park, Ijen plateau).

We can help you to designing a package that suites you best and happy birding. We believe it is important to give a personal touch to your trip and that goes way beyond just making your reservation. Our purpose is to make all your trip arrangement uncomplicated.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

E-mail :
WhatsApp +6281338274579

I will be happy to guide you!

Please find more about us to the link bellow :

Reviews on Google : Birding Tours in Bali
Facebook Page : Birding Tours in Bali
YouTube channel : Birds of Bali - Amazing Bali Nature

Warm regards,
Made Surya

Birding at Ijen (east Java), guided by Made Surya. Http://
Java Trip (Ijen)
Birding at Baluran NP (East Java) guided by Made Surya. Http:// 
Java Trip (Baluran)
Organized by Birding Tour in Bali
West Bali National Park

Birding at Bedugul Bali organized by Birding Tour in Bali
Bali Trip at Botanical Garden Bali
The target was Javan and Blue-eared Kingfisher at buffering zone of West Bali National Park
Buffering Zone TNBB

Birding in Bali info please contact us here
Bali Myna / Bali Starling

Bird photography for Collared Scops Owl, pls contact
Sunda Scops Owl
Birding West Bali National Park guided by Made Surya, Javan-banded Pitta photography and video. Info :

Javan-banded Pitta (Pitta Guajana)


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Unknown said…
Semoga corona cepat pulih ... tm rame lagi ke bali barat hunting bird .. oya p made klo ada yang mou ke nusa penida boleh dong di recoment n ....

Arya gita said…
bali memang menyimpan banyak cerita dan kisah, tidak kalah dengan daya tarik wisatanya. untuk fauna dan flora pun bali memiliki sejuta kisah seperti di desa trunyan dengan pohon yang mampu menyerap bau dan memproduksi harum menyan, dan burung jalak yang mendunia di bali barat. dan sebenarnya bali yang mesti bisa di explore dari bali. menambahk informasi sebagai sarana mobilitas selama di bali, saya menawarkan diri untuk membantu kususnya untuk transportasi roda dua sewa motor di bali

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